Thursday, 24 October 2013

Celestra book series review by Addison Moore

Hi so a month or so ago I finished whatever book it was I reading and went onto my amazon looking for something else for my kindle. I have quite a mixed taste in books but it has to have something interesting about it to make me want to read it. Amazon suggested Ethereal by Addison Moore based on my previous purchases and it was free so I thought why not lets give it ago.
I'm going to try and not give too much away about the series in case anyone wants to read it but just give my opinion.
so the first book looks like this:
The cover didn't really excite me, it simple and doesn't really tell you anything about the story at all but because I read most books on my kindle it doesn't really matter about the cover once the purchase has been made. I imagine that in paper form the book wouldn't be very big.
the series is about a young girl named Skyla Messenger who moved to an island when her dad died in an accident. She has a secret that links her with two boys Gage and Logan who are brothers.
from the outset I wasn't very interested in this book, most young adult books make for easy enjoyable reading but I thought this book started off quite childish. that said I am now an addict!!!!
there is a special love triangle in the first book that kept me wondering who she would choose which only got better as the series has gone on. the concept behind the book is something I have not read much on and so that is also very interesting. Addison Moore has used a great amount of imagination to write this book which has love, action, death and a who lot of magical happenings.
There are moments that I get a little bit bored reading about Skyla's life but as soon as this happens something exciting happens and grasps my interest. I am now on the 4th book of the series and I think I will end up reading the whole lot and possibly more by Addison Moore.
If anyone else has read these books let me know what you think. or if there is any other books you suggest let me know that too.
Em x