Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Time flys!!!

So I was hanging out with my 9 year old brother this evening and thinking about how grown up he is. Reminiscing on times when he was little (and much more easily amused with childish games). he asked a lot less questions that I am un prepared to answer such as: Do you believe in God?.........erm and what about aliens :s but it got me thinking about how quickly time passes.
This year has flown by so quickly that I have not even noticed the fun things I have been doing so here is my chance to recap and remind myself and anyone else that is interested.
I got engaged at Christmas time so me and my fiancĂ© started the year off by scouting out wedding venues. we saw a few different venues but when we saw 'the one' we just knew. The venue is a mix between a princess castle and Hogwarts ( odd mix I know but its beautiful).
The planning seemed to go mental from there really. We set a budget, chose the cake from a lovely lady called Jo at the fairy cakery -, and started to look at rings and decide on the honeymoon and the DJ etc.
I turned 25 which I was not very happy about originally but I have come to the conclusion that age in fact is just a number. My birthday this year was actually amazing and I was taken on my first trip to Longleat to see the animals. The penguins had just arrived and still had all of their baby feathers, they were beautifully cute. I had an amazing birthday week and I am so grateful for everybody who spoilt me rotten.  
In September I was taken to Saint Malo - France by my lovely fiancĂ© and had a fantastic time. We visited Mont Saint Michael and Cancale, we tried Oysters on the sea front (Which I was not very impressed with :p yuck) and mussels. We had a great time just being away from it all, letting life slow down around us and enjoy the simple things. 
And as soon as you blink Christmas is creeping up on us and before you know it 2014 will be here and I will be wondering where that year went. 
I guess what I am saying is that with all these great big things to look forward to (my wedding, my best friends wedding, honeymoon) I want to make sure that I am making the most of every second, be it sitting with my family doing nothing or doing the most exciting things in the world. 
Em x