Saturday, 9 November 2013

Awake at sleep time :/

Hi all
So I'm lay here now at 3am in my nice warm bed wondering why I cannot sleep. It always seems to be the times that I have to be up early that I have trouble sleeping and believe me when I say I do not have trouble staying asleep in the mornings. 

Here's my problem my fiancĂ© is marching tomorrow for Remembrance Sunday as he does every year and I have promised I will show my support by standing out in the cold for 2 and a half hours. It will almost certainly rain and now thanks to my lack of sleep I will certainly be grumpy. This year is the first year that my little bro has taken part (he joined boys brigade) my little brother will be marching and so I really should try to be my best. 

I have tried counting sheep -fail
I tried reading a book - fail (my book was too gripping)
I have tried lying with my eyes closed -fail 
So I thought a little rant might release some energy and help me drift off :/ worth a shot

Anyway good night all

Em x