Saturday, 9 November 2013


Earlier this year (July to be precise) I went to Longleat safari park. Visiting longleat has been on my to do list since I moved to the south west 7 years ago. My fiancé (Jon) took me and some friends to longleat for a birthday treat and I was very excited. It was however a very hot day and so the animals were not quite as excited as i was :(
we started the day quite early and the drive there was lovely, Longleat have beautiful grounds so if your not into animals it is defiantly still worth a visit just to see the house and lovely gardens.
 ( The lovely view driving into longleat)

The first thing we went to see was the giraffes. I thought I would be quite scared of them as I am generally afraid of large animals but they were so gentle and cheeky that I was fine. there was a baby giraffe there who kept coming up and getting visitors into trouble for stroking him. I was amazed at how big their eyes are and how long their lashes are absolutely beautiful. 
There were other animals around this area such as small monkeys and tortoises. there were funny looking birds that I think are partridges, they were walking around in little groups and looked so funny I think they were one of my favourite things all day ( how sad ) 

The safari has lots of different animals along the route. After giraffes there were Zebras ( which are pony size rather than horse size - I didn't know this!!), flamingos and tapirs. you then enter a sort of reserve ( I think its the game reserve but I may be wrong) there were some deer but not many. Rhinos who were bathing themselves in mud - very amusing and camels. The Camels were the best part of this section as they were messing about, they were rubbing their humps on and in peoples car and sometimes attempting to sit on the bonnets - very very funny.
we skipped the monkeys as we had heard how naughty they are. Longleat have attached the bits of cars that the cheeky monkeys have managed to pull off to the sign before you enter. it looks like a car cemetery. we went straight on to feed the deer. as it was only July we got to see some very young deer that looked just like Bambi and it was very cute however it was the adults that came to feed. you are only allowed to feed the deer with the food provided ( it cost around £1 per cup) it was the best experience of the day!! the deer get right up in your car and they take the food right from your hand. their lips are so soft and they will even let you have a photo or a little stroke as long as you still have food in your hand. the trouble is getting their heads out of the car when they are done. Watch out for the antlers. 
the rest of the safari section is filled with more dangerous animals such as Elephants, Tigers and wolves. unfortunately it was so hot that all of these animals were sleeping :(
In all I had a great day there and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a day out
Em x