Monday, 18 November 2013


I went to lush as their Christmas range launched for this year. I wasn't intending on buying anything at all however I was not able to resist buying a few things.
firstly I bought a Big Blue bath bomb.

This Bath Bomb has been one of my favourites for a very long time and I do generally pick up one of these every time I go into lush. The big blue has seaweed in inside which releases into your bath as the bomb defuses. This bath bomb turns the water.........................BLUE (no surprise there then) but it really is a lovely feeling. kind of like having a bath in the sea.( but not in England, that's too cold).
The next bath bomb I bought was the avocado bath bomb.

this bath bomb is obviously green and smells like avocado. it has a really very strong scent which I imagine would be very pleasant in the bath, I also think that it would be very good for the skin. I have not used this bath bomb yet but I am looking forward to it.
the next two bath bombs I bought were Christmassy. the first one is the snowman.

I had seen this one online and didn't get very excited, it looks small and a bit boring however in person it is a lot larger than it looks.
the second Christmassy bath bomb that I bought was the luxury lush pud.
I thought this was the best looking bath bomb in the entire shop. it is mostly purple and white with colourful spots. I thought it smelt like lavender and Christmas. I am so excited to see what colour this turns my bath.
I also bought a soap but I can not remember what the name of it is.
I did this haul on youtube too if you would like to see that you can find it here: