Monday, 25 November 2013

Why are Mondays so bad?????

Everything seems to be so much worse on a Monday but I cant put my finger on why. I asked a few people why they thought that Mondays were so rubbish and the only real answer I got was:

Its the first day after the weekend!

This might be true for some people however I work weekends so Monday morning is not my first morning back and I still hate Mondays.
Maybe it is because we have made out that Mondays are so bad for so long that we all believe it now even if it makes no difference what day it is in our real lives.
Maybe its because we all Thank God its Friday and get excited about that day and of course we all relax on a Sunday.
Well I say that we should relax about Mondays because:

Tomorrow will be Tuesday.

and that's not so bad.
Happy Monday
Em  x