Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Exciting new addition to the clan

We Have a new puppy

We planned on getting a miniature daxi as they are super cute! honestly google them now if you don't know what they look like I had chosen the puppy I wanted to view and was all set to go get him. A couple viewed him before I did and snatched him up.
While browsing through the puppy pages I came across a lovely looking Jack Russell I showed the page to my fiancĂ© and we went to meet him. The farm that the pup was born on is an hour away from my house so we arranged an appointment and went to view the pup this morning. 
The Farmer brought the puppy out and he instantly snuggled into my neck - it was love. We paid the man and took the dog, however Louis (the puppies new name) has not had any injections yet so it will be a little while before I can take him out for walkies. So far Louis is a very good boy he goes for a wee outside and has not chewed or barked (We will see how long that lasts). 

Pictures will follow :)

Em x