Thursday, 26 December 2013

Logo Billionaire Review

Yesterday was Christmas and as a tradition at the night time we play board games in the evening. One of us usually gets a new board game as a gift and that is the game we play. This year it was Logo Billionaire.

I had seen this game advertised and if i'm honest i was not very excited about it.

We popped the box open and got going, like all new games it was complicated to begin with. Nobody really understood the rules and what we were supposed to be doing. The aim of the game is to create companies and earn a Billion (I think).

We muddled through and after a little while and a little wine we were beginning to enjoy ourselves. 

In all I will not say that this is my favourite game it is no contest Monopoly wins every time but it could be more fun if you have a proper sit down with the rules.