Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Puppy Day one

So our first night went a little like this.

We bought a puppy collar to get Louis used to wearing a collar for walks and things. He let me put it on him and was excited when I got his lead on but once i started trying to walk (more like a drag) he point blank refused, he was a little easier once we had gotten him outside but he still was not happy about it. Louis spent the next half an hour figuring out different was to try and remove his collar 

I have a new little shadow, i first noticed when I got up to make a drink that Louis had gone quiet which made me suspicious as to what he was up to, I found him sat just behind me staring at me. Louis sits outside the bathroom, the Bedroom, the Kitchen everywhere I go he wants to be.

Louis invented a new game yesterday, mostly it involves pouncing on nothing on the floor but in my fingers are dangling over the edge of the sofa then they become the target for a pounce too. We also like to pick up the Puppy Pads and carry them around in his mouth until I take it off him and put it back, he has not used the Puppy Pads to wee on yet they are just a fun toy. hopefully he can figure out what they are for soon enough.

During my attempts to get Louis to go to the toilet out in the garden I have discovered my puppy hates it outside, he just stands at the door begging me to let him go back inside. he will not do his business out there yet or play or stay out there with out crying. He does enjoy seeing his reflection in the door on the glass on the way in though.

Last night was his first night sleeping with us. I decided to let him sleep in the front room in a crate as that is where I want him long term, To be honest I was expecting it to be a huge nightmare. When I went to bed i tried to make as little fuss as possible so that he didn't get concerned, once i had left the room he cried a lot. I felt really bad but stayed in bed until he had stopped then realising i needed the loo i had to get up. Louis started to bark at me as he saw me head to the bathroom - I assume he was frightened as it was dark and he hadn't barked at me before. He stopped once he had realised it was me and I headed back to bed after a few more cries he went to sleep and i heard nothing all night.

 This morning we i found he had a wee on his Puppy pad but otherwise no mess. He was super excited to see me so much so he just wanted to lick me all morning.

Em x