Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Working on Christmas day

For those of you who like me are working on Christmas day or have worked Christmas day this year and are feeling a little bit glum about it, Cheer up.

For those of you who like me have had a strop and a paddy about having to be professional and wear anything other than pyjamas on this day that should be dedicated to getting drunk eating chocolate and stuffing our faces, Don't be sad.

To begin with i hated the idea that I had to work, I work in a hotel you see and we do not close EVER!! I did not want to read about how every one was enjoying themselves on facebook and how many presents everyone had because I was miserable. So far though my Christmas has actually turned out great, I got up early and opened my presents for my Fiance and my Mum and Dad ( Brothers included) . I opened the presents that my crazy family had got for my puppy. Had some Breakfast ( Crumpets - YUM) and set off to work.

Everybody is in the Christmas spirit and it has made working not so bad.

At 3 pm when I finish I will be heading over to My Fianc├ęs parents to have dinner and open more presents. There will be food and games and surprises i'm sure.

I get to see my family on Boxing day to eat more food, play more games and give them their presents ( which i love doing just as much receiving gifts).

I guess the moral of my little post is to make the most out of a bad situation, Having to work has made the time i am at home more special.

for those of you that do not have to work today MERRY CHRISTMAS

and those of us that do MERRY CHRISTMAS WEEK :) 

EM x