Monday, 6 January 2014

Exciting News.

As you may be aware i have some very exciting things planned for the next few years.

  1. Two of my best friends are getting married in Barbados and have invited me and my fiancé to join them at the wedding which means not only an I chief bridesmaid for my very best friend but i get to spend a lovely two weeks in Barbados (November 2014)
  2. I am getting married (eeeek) (May 2015)
  3. I am honeymooning in Florida seeing mickey mouse and all of his chummies.
This in itself is very exciting.

Today I had a text message from my mum (who has only been on a plane once before in her life, to Ireland, and hated every second of the flight) saying that they are planning a family trip to Canada. That would include my mum, Dad, 2 brothers, me and my fiancé, my sister and her fiancé and my auntie and uncle.

Now honestly I have never considered Canada as a holiday destination, There didn't seem to be much going on and there has always been places that I would prefer to go. I was wrong, Canada looks beautiful and after much internet research I realise there is lots to see and do in Canada. 

We are planning on staying in a log cabin near to Niagara Falls (20 minutes away by car). I would love to take a day into New York but this may work out a little bit expensive.