Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Target met, Happy New Year

First off let me start by saying I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and wish everyone a 


In September I vowed to begin my get fit journey. I wanted to loose a stone before Christmas. I was going to the gym and eating more healthily than before. I had exciting things to motivate me, I am going to Barbados in November 2014 and then i get married in May 2015 which means 2 lots of bikini wearing and basically not very many items of clothing, having lots of pictures taken of me and having to wear a beautiful white ( or ivory i have not decided yet) wedding dress.

But anyway I did it!!! I lost a stone. not only did I loose that stone I managed to keep it off over Christmas meaning I am an entire stone lighter to begin the next stage of my journey. 

So rather than make a new resolution for 2014 I have decided that its OK to continue with an old one. I want to continue to cut out bad foods that taste so good and find healthier alternatives. I want to continue to drag my aching body to the gym at least 4 times a week. I want to take my puppy out for at least an hour a day so that we both get much needed exercise.

What is your resolution for 2014? 

If my weight loss journey interests anyone then I will keep you all updated 

EM x