Saturday, 1 February 2014

Elysian by Addison Moore Review

This book is the last in a wonderful series. Skyla has in previous books discovered amazing things about herself and her friends. She has found her real mum and contacted her dead father now if that isn't exciting enough for you there is also a very intense love triangle.

If I am honest I enjoyed books 1-7 much more than I did book 8 as I felt it covered much of the same ground as the other books. The thing that kept me reading is the need to know who Skyla picks out of the three boys. I had already invested so much time in the previous books that there was no way i would have been able to stop knowing there is more to the story. 

Addison Moore is not only beautiful but she has a writing style that suits me well, I enjoy a read with lots going on. I read this book on my kindle but the covers of the books are just beautiful all black with the stunning blue pictures. this makes me want to purchase the hard copies just to have on my bookshelf.

If you have not read anything from this series of books it is worth starting them you will be hooked. 

Have you already read this series? what did you think?

Em x