Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Get up early

For the last 10 day I have been up and at work before the crack of dawn which makes the day seem super duper long and my nights feel really short however I have promised this month I will try and be more positive about everything and so I have found that there are advantages to being an early riser.

1. Being up early can make you more pro active which allows you to take control!
2. Early Risers are better planners and we all want to be better organised I'm sure. 
3. More optimistic. I'm not sure how true this is for me personally. 
4. You get to see the sunrise (Its Beautiful)
If you get up early you don't have to rush as much, this seems obvious but this last week I have had time to choose and outfit and put on make up before I had to rush to leave for work. I also have had time for breakfast some mornings which is something I never had time for before.

If you want to start getting up early but struggle with the getting up part ( I still do) then here is a few tips:

1. start small - get up just 15 minutes earlier than normal and then another 15 minutes keep going until you have reached your target
2. Go to bed earlier - I like to read in bed so at bed time I go to bed and pick up my book
3. Reward yourself for getting out of bed early - with a smoothie or a yummy breakfast.

That was just a couple of tips there must be a million ways to help. 

Thanks for reading 

Em x