Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Review: Uglies - Scott Westerfeld

Uglies is a 2005 science fiction novel by Scott Westerfeld So i was a little late on the band wagon only just finishing this book now. It is set in a future post-scarcity dystopian world in which everyone is turned "Pretty" by extreme cosmetic surgery upon reaching age 16.
" It tells the story of teenager Tally Youngblood who rebels against society's enforced conformity, after her newfound friends Shay and David show her the downsides to becoming a "Pretty". They show Tally how being a "Pretty" can change not only your look but your personality. 
Written for young adults, Uglies deals with adolescent themes of change, both emotional and physical. The book is the first installment in what was originally a trilogy, the Uglies series, which also includes the books PrettiesSpecials, and Extras.
Under the surface, Uglies speaks of high-profile government conspiracies and the danger of trusting the omnipresent Big Brother. While the underlying story condemns war and all the side effects thereof, the true thrust of the story is that individual freedoms are far more important than the need for uniformity and the elimination of personal will."

I had started this book a couple of times before actually becoming caught up it this brilliant story. The novel is about a girl who wants to be the same as everybody else "Pretty" but her mind is changed when she tries to save a friend.

The story is constantly exciting skipping over any sections that could become boring and that are not needed for the story!. The characters are a great mix of ages and although it is a young adult the concept is more grown up than Twilight or Harry potter

I will be continuing with the trilogy 

Em x