Thursday, 6 March 2014

And Im feeeling Good!

Hi Guys,

I have been a bit lost for the last few days not having much to do with anything because I was feeling so rotten with the stinking cold I am just getting over but today I feel much much better Hooray!! 

I am also in a celebratory mood as in exactly 35 weeks I will be on an aeroplane to sunny Barbados ( the birth place or Rhianna) to enjoy my friends wedding. Now I know I keep on about this but I just cant help it. Have you ever been so excited that you feel like you might explode? That is what I feel like! Like a kid on Christmas eve (or lets be honest like me on Christmas eve). 
I am seriously winding my friend up by continuously reminding her about Barbados which is essentially reminding her about her up and coming wedding day which she doesn't feel prepared for and so I am kind of making her panic which I don't want to do. 
On a side note I have completed the creation of our wedding centre pieces for our wedding. this is something we have been struggling with as lots of pieces involve flowers which I am not a huge fan of so we wanted something simple. we have gone for fish bowls with floating candles.   

Em x