Saturday, 15 March 2014

Honeymoon Booked!


On Thursday morning both me and Jon (My Fiancée) were off work and a little bit bored. After a morning of pottering around doing a little bit more than nothing we decided we wanted to get something done. 

What better than booking our honeymoon? I cant think of anything better to do than going to book the holiday of a lifetime (hopefully). We had already discussed where we would like to go. We had considered sunny, beachy, seaside places but we are visiting Barbados in November which is only 6 months before my honeymoon so we set our hearts on:

So we took a little trip to price it up. We were unsure f we were too early to book for May 2015 or not but we popped into Thomas Cook and enquired. The lady we spoke to was amazing she explored lots of options for us and helped us decide what we wanted. 

In the end we decided on the Art of Animation resort with the Disney Dining plan and a Limo transfer. We had to wait to book the dining plan so at the moment we just have the accommodation and the flights booked and we can add on the tickets and the dining plan when it becomes available ( end of April).

I have treated myself to the Walt Disney World Unofficial Guide and wow there is a lot of pages to get through but it is so far an easy and interesting read.  

Have any of you ever honeymooned in Disneyworld? I would love to hear about it.

Em x