Monday, 17 March 2014

My Blogging Journey

When I started blogging I just wanted somewhere that I could focus myself when things were getting on top of me. My blog has certainly done that and much much more. 

As most of you reading this are bloggers yourselves you are probably thinking well Duh!! but for the few (if any ) that are reading this at the first steps of their journey then this is why i commit to writing.

I have been lucky enough to work with and review some amazing products and I hope to continue to work with companies in the future. I do not do this for profit and do not get paid for writing reviews (although I am aware that some bloggers get to do what they love for a living). I do this because I love it. 
I have learnt so much since I started reading blogs that I amazed at how clever and talented some people are. I love reading Do it your self tips, Make up tutorials, Hair tutorials and Craft blogs. 
I love writing blogs about things that I am excited about and the fact that you guys read them gets me really excited. I get excited with every new follower on Bloglovin and with every new view I get on my blog. 

I feel like I am getting more confidence with my writing and I hope that this shows. In the future I hope that blogging will gain me not only followers but new friends. 
As always thanks for reading

Em x