Saturday, 1 March 2014

Poorly :(

So two days ago I started to feel a bit under the weather dizzy and sick but thought nothing of it and carried on! Now however I am full of a cold, feeling like rubbish and having to go to work. Everybody keeps saying phone in sick but is a cold really reason enough to call in sick? I would still be feeling rubbish at home so I may as well be earning a few pennies for it. 
When you have a cold nothing makes you feel better, I am taking Beechams cold and flu tablets which don't seem to be doing anything. I am beginning to think maybe I have Man Flu!.

Here are a few suggestions that people have been sharing since I got my cold.

1. Blow your nose. - obviously! this does provide a very short term relief until I am all blocked up again.
2. Have a hot bath or shower - I had a really hot bath last night and honestly it was great the steam cleared my sinuses and made me feel a lot better.
3. Stay warm - this is a must, It would be horrible to be cold and poorly at the same time
4. Sweat it out - Sounds gross but must help speed up the process.

Anyway I'm sure there are lots of people with colds at the moment and I hope these few little tips helped

Em x