Friday, 7 March 2014


Hi Guys so this is a bit of a rant so if that turns you off don't carry on reading and I am sorry if this post is not your thing but I have truly had my gears ground.

So yesterday we took Louis ( Jack Russell Puppy) who I am 100% sure I have mentioned before on a walk with Tina's doggy Ellie who is a one year old Black Labrador. Louis and Ellie have met before but were very excited to see each other. We planned on walking through a field near my house and onto a walking route but when we got there a farmer had just turned up with a load of sheep and baby Lambs which were very cute but this meant that the dogs would have to stay on the lead for most of the walk which I don't enjoy and neither does Louis so we headed to a different walk.
 For most of the walk the dogs were well behaved, Ellie is generally more cheeky than Louis but nothing uncontrollable. Ellie loves to get into ponds and rivers and generally get herself and the rest of us covered in mud.

While on the walk we met a lady who was walking a Staffie dog both of our dogs went up to greet the Staffie which is normal dog behaviour ( the dog did not have a yellow ribbon or anything to signify that it should not be approached)  and the lady started shouting at us saying that the Staffie was going to bite my dog and then there would be nothing she could do. The Lady made it difficult for me to call back Louis who is a puppy and still learning to come back when shouted, She was shouting so he was distracted and did not respond to my calls straight away. 

I called Louis back but I was disgusted at what the lady had said. Basically her dog would attack my dog and she could not stop that from happening. The Staffie was not wearing a muzzle nor did the lady have control of his lead so in my opinion she should not have a dog that she can not handle. 
Louis was clearly unaffected by the drama and he and Ellie shared a giant stick much to our amusement. I think it is owners like that who give Staffies a bad name. If the dog was a vicious dog, which giving credit to the dog it did not seem to be and was not showing aggressive behaviour toward Louis in my opinion, she should of had better control.

Rant over!

Em x