Sunday, 9 March 2014

Review: Harringtons pet food


A few weeks ago the lovely people at Harringtons Pet food sent me some of their puppy food to try with my puppy Louis.
Harringtons food is available in the UK and now available in France too in both 2kg and 10kg bags.
Harringtons Turkey & Rice Dry Puppy Food - 10kg
The packaging is really lovely and say that is goo for a whole bunch of different things:
* Healthy Immune System
*Healthy Digestion
*Reduces Flatulent Odours 
and much more.
The ingredients are readily available either on the packaging or on the Harringtons website (Link to website) which is great because many of the other brands that are available in supermarkets do not offer this information easily. The ingredients are all natural and the food smells better than any other dog food I have ever smelt.
Those things are great but what I liked most was that these products are free from any artificial products that we probably shouldn't be giving to our pets. 
Now I wanted to wait before I reviewed this product to see what Louis really thinks. He LOVES this puppy food. Before we tried Harringtons we were worried that Louis was never finishing a bowl of food but now he is digging in his food bowl trying to find more even after he has had his daily amount. He has begun to sit by the food cupboard when he knows it is dinner time which he never did before and he just seems much more excited about feeding time, Personally that's all the review I need. 
This food is so reasonably priced it is actually cheaper than the food we were using before. I will not be going back we will continue to buy Harringtons food.
Its a 10/10 from Louis and a 10/10 from me! good job the lovely Harrington Folk for creating such a yummy puppy food.
Em and Louis x