Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wedding Centre peices!!

So we have been looking for centre pieces for our tables at the wedding for a long time and originally
we were looking at candelabras but there was a little bit too much going on the table and with Jon being a fireman he didn't really approve of the giant candles in the middle of the tables.
We went to a professional table dresser who we had met at a wedding fayre and she quoted £18.50 per table for a tacky martini glass with fake crystals at the bottom. I hated them and I think that it is ridiculous to pay £185 for ten tacky tables.
I am sure that centre pieces are not normally difficult to decide on for most people. But for me I have found it so terribly difficult to decide what I wanted because lots of the ideas I have seen online are floral or involve flowers in some way and as I'm not the biggest fan of flowers (weird I know). 
I was looking for something simple and pretty but that doesn't draw all the attention away from the food or the other guests.
We went with Large fish bowls with a submergible candle, Blue stones and floating candles on top.
So this is what we plan to do (please excuse the glass it needs a clean) but the bowls cost us £40 for 12 from a florist supply store  and that price includes delivery. We thought this was a great deal and we love the way that the bowls look.
What do you think?
Em x