Friday, 18 April 2014

Excited about silly things

I didn't realise that some of the things I get excited about are not things normal people get excited about.

This week I dedicated a few hours to buying suitcase for my up and coming holidays. I was sooo excited! I dragged Jon along so that he could pick out his own suitcase and to put it mildly he was not really the least bit interested. I spent ages deciding between a pink or purple case, I was picking them up and rolling them around the shop to make sure I picked the most perfect case for me. I thought this was something everyone would get excited about but no, Jon picked out a blue case and took it to the till. He did not even look at another case!! Maybe Its just me or maybe its a girl thing. 

I found a lovely place to walk the dog and was excited to take him to paddle in the stream and to run in the fields and enjoy the lovely sunshine. This too did not excite any of my friends!

I have come to the conclusion I am either over excitable or everyone else is miserable!

What gets you excited?

Em x