Friday, 27 June 2014

Into the Vampire City by Phil Tucker: A Review

This book is about 17-year-old Selah Brown, a Brooklyn teenager who moves to the vampire city of Miami Find her dad who went missing. The book takes you straight into the action with her arriving to the city. The story was exciting and there was lots of action.

The Good
I liked Selah, it was refreshing to have a character that was a little bit different to your typical pretty, ditsy girl as a lead female character. She is a strong character which added lots to the story.
There were lots of characters to get to know, for me this is a good thing but I realise it may be confusing for others to read. Phil Tucker gives a great description of what the city looks like and combined with my imagination I was able to envisage what I imagine it would look like.

The Bad
I wanted to love this book and I should have! It is quite rare for me to dislike a book but I just had real trouble with this one. I was unable to connect with any of the characters really which is upsetting. I was quite bored quite quickly and I found the story slightly predictable. 
I wish that there was more of a focus on the  resistance than there was.
I couldn't believe any of the relationships within the book which made the entire story a bit of a laugh.

I will leave it there as I don't want to rant on about it too much more. I will say however that this book has many great reviews on goodreads and amazon so maybe it is a Marmite type of book. Personally I would not recommend this book over other books however I am always up for trying something new to read so i guess you win some you lose some.

What do you think?

Em x