Monday, 23 June 2014

Keep Calm on Manic Mondays

For the past few days my work has been busy to say the least! Everyone is running around like crazy people. I however am trying to remain calm and focused in-between colleges shouting and stressing. I have compiled a few hints and tips on what i think is the best way to keep your head on stressful days.

1. Don't make a drama - It's really easy to make a big deal out of something small ( I know because I do it) but by doing that you are not helping yourself or the situation. Slow down, Think Logically and come to a sensible solution. 9 times out of 10 it's not as bad as you think

2.  Discover what it is that keeps you calm - for me its day dreaming about my up coming trip to somewhere exotic or day dreaming about Theo James         ( That definitely works - feel free to borrow this one) 

 Thinking of something else means your not thinking about whatever got you stressed in the first place/

3. Get enough sleep - Sounds silly but when your tired you can become irrational and that doesn't help anyone.

4.  Ignore  - If like me you get stressed out by other people then the best thing is to ignore it. When other people get stressed or dramatise a situation it stresses me out so I prefer to lave the room (politely) or try to zone out and think about something else.

5. Laugh or Smile - you can not do either of these things while being stressed out.

That is just a few things that I thought of  im sure there are many more tips that you guys use

Em x