Saturday, 12 July 2014

Mustangs, Birthday and Dollars

This is just a quick post to fill you in on everything that has happened recently and it is all (I think all) very exciting!!!

First off this last weekend we finished our Romeo and Juliet performance. The kids have been practising and working hard on the show for 6 months to get us stage ready and they were amazing.

We booked a hire car for Florida when we go next May and although we were conscious about the budget which is quickly decreasing we have booked a Convertible Mustang! which believe it or not is a compromise as Jon wanted something much more expensive and I just wanted to be able to enjoy the Florida sunshine. With only 10 months to go until the wedding and our honeymoon I am getting very excited about everything.

While we were booking the car in Thomas Cook we also bought our first lot of dollars! For me this is the most exciting thing ever! It looks just like monopoly money haha.

And finally it is my birthday coming up. I am going to be tuning a massive 26 and I am not excited about it however I did compile a few pictures of gifts that I would love to get in a dream world of course. 

Thanks for reading

Em x