Monday, 25 August 2014

Breathe - Elena Dillion

This book was interesting from the get go, immediately talking about Jasmines murdered sister Daisy.
Jasmine wanted to be an ordinary teenager, like everyone else, but the fact that her sister's murderer had never been caught and the incessant media attention on her and her family meant they were always on edge. She and her family moves from Burbank, California to a small town in Louisiana. For the first time, she could be anonymous, the new girl in school, unburdened from her past.
Your heart strings are seriously being plucked as you follow jasmine to her new school and as she makes new friends. I was cheering for her when she met Easton. for a while I enjoyed what felt like it would be an easy happy ending for Jasmine but once I got halfway through things got much more complicated for our main girl.
Unlike so many other stories Jasmine is a strong female lead character and it is very refreshing to read about a girl with a purpose other than falling in love with a boy. This is not to say that the love story here is not exciting, I loved Easton (Who doesn't?).
The Villain in Breathe is cruel and calculated he is manipulative and there were definite points in the book that I did not think that Jasmine could deal with his evils. the parts of the book involving this monster were fast paced, they were very intense and I was scared to think that these sorts of people do actually exist.  Elena covers lots of different issues that are faced by lots of teens and young adults all over the world not just in California such as panic attacks and making new friends in a new school.
I think it is so brave for Elena Dillon to write about bad things happening to teenagers when she has children herself.
I found Breathe to be inspiring and a complete page turner. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. 10/10 there was nothing that I did not like.
Thanks for reading
Em x