Thursday, 21 August 2014

Earn extra money - Forever Living

Earlier this week I was contacted by a girl I have not spoken too in 4 years, we were previously very good friends and she said she had something she thought I might be interested in. Intrigued and excited I went along and met her and her friend Kaylee. When I got there Kaylee had a thick folder and I thought oh no what are they going to try and sell me now. to put it bluntly I was not excited any more but when Kaylee started speaking I was instantly captivated so I wanted to share with you.

What is forever living?
Founded in 1978 and based in Arazona the company is design to help everyone who wants a better future to attain. ForeverLiving is a multi- billion dollar company selling wellness products based on Aloe Vera. ForeverLiving relies on its distributors to try and promote the products to people they think may like it. 

I decided that this could be a great opportunity for me mostly because of the financial rewards that are possible but also because ForeverLiving promise top quality products of your money back. Naturally I am quite a sceptical human being but I have been trying to say yes to new opportunities and give myself a fighting chance at succeeding in a happier, healthier life.

I am excited to reap the rewards from putting hard work into something that is essentially going to be my own business. I f this seems like it might be something you are interested in or if you just want to find out about starting your own Forever Living journey or the products on offer then you can contact me directly on

I want to be able to make my dreams a reality and I am truly hopeful that this journey and the support from my new Foreverliving family will help me reach them no matter how big they get. now i know that this post has been a little long winded but I am excited about my new project and I want anyone that is interested to be excited about it too because you really can do it!!

Em x