Thursday, 21 August 2014

T25 weight loss journey - Week 1

I was unsure whether to write this blog or not you see I find it awkward to talk about but I decided that there are lots of people struggling with their weight and I love reading blogs and watching videos about peoples success so I'm hoping that everyone is kind and this is kind of a motivation to do well.

Really we have started this already a week behind so i will use this week to introduce my plan and to also give my results from week 1.
So firstly I have decided to try the Shaun T's T25. which claims to be an hours worth of workout in just 25 minutes, I have previously struggled to find time to go to the gym so a 25 minute workout sounds good to me I did however start off this week doing trying Shaun T's Hip hop abs to see which I prefer.

Its been a tough week trying to eat healthy and to fit in 25 minutes of excersize each day but I managed it!!!!! yey me!!! I have not eaten a single piece of chocolate or any crisps and i even resisted our weekly take out night. i have found the workouts OK, I say OK because i enjoyed the workout and i did feel worked out but some of the moves are a little complicated and Shaun T is really annoying.

In all it has been a very good week and I lost a huge................


Thanks for reading

Em x