Friday, 1 August 2014

The Girl in the Box by Robert J. Crane Review

I read all three of these books marathon style, one straight after the last and so it took quite a long time to get through them. I am reviewing all three but also trying not to give too much away.
The first book lets us get to know a lot about Sienna and how she was brought up without ever looking outside. Sienna is special and you learn why in this book. When she finally escapes her home I was rooting for her and the friends that she made along the way. Each book after adds a little something to the story be it new characters or a slightly different story plot.
Some of the reviews I read about these books said that it was written in the style of a comic book. I have only had a few experiences with comic books but I didn't feel like they resembled a comic book at all. The characters are sort of your super heroes and villains that you would find in comics I guess but not to the extent that makes the book enjoyable.
Sienna has a lovely relationship in books one and two however this seemed to slip in book three but nothing else seemed to replace the romance at all.
In short I enjoyed the first two books and the first half of the third book however the last half of the final book seemed to drag out and get a little boring, I am glad I read the series because it is a little different to anything I have read before so overall I am positive about the books.
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