Friday, 24 October 2014

11 Sleeps

You are 100% going to get bored of me going on about my trips but guess what............... I am going to do it anyway. That's right in 11 days I will be leaving for my trip to Barbados and i have not been more excited. This Blog is however going to be about the things i am a little bit anxious for.

The Car Journey

I am not the worst traveller in the world but I am certainly not the best. On the plus side I don't get car sick and I can be quite a quiet passenger because I like to sit there with my book and read until we get there. The problem is as soon as I know we will not be stopping the car for a while I begin to desperately need a wee, it doesn't matter if I have only just been to the loo or not. 

The night before

I find sleeping the night before anything exciting or worrying virtually impossible. I lie awake tossing and turning waiting for the moment I can finally get up for breakfast and get going. The morning we are going I will be a mess of pointless chatter in an attempt to release all of my excitement.

The one thing that freaks me out the most is..

The Plane

I am not terrified like I know some people can be and I will get on the plane as a means to an end but I hate how uncomfortable they are. I always have a headache when I am flying, I feel claustrophobic and cramped. There is always a crying child to help with my headache and the toilets are gross!! 

But with all of that said I am very excited to visit Barbados even if I have to suffer to get there.

Thanks For reading

Em xx