Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I was expecting an easy YA read and if I'm honest I knew I would enjoy it but thought the plot might be a little bit samey ( i am aware this is not a real word). I was right and i was wrong. I DID enjoy the book and it was not samey at all!
I will admit to struggling to get into the first few chapters and I put it down on one occasion but I was glad when I managed to get into the plot because it was really different and interesting.

The base of the story is power and a huge struggle for it. What are you supposed to do with power once you have it? Good of course.
I loved the little love triangle but I would have loved to have read a little bit more of the nice darkling but I also like him a little bit bad!!

I was sooo rooting for the Darkling. His character has so much going for it that I was excited to read every page that included him. I liked the connection between him and Alina from the get go. Like all real bad boys the Dafkling knows he is powerful and uses it all to his advantage. I did like Mal but there was nothing really special about him until he turned into a hero. 

I really really liked this book.

Thanks for reading

Em x