Monday, 30 March 2015

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick Review

I was really excited to get stuck into this book as I really enjoyed the first book in the Hush Hush series. 

This part of the plot gives us a better introduction to Marcie who is a real bitch towards Nora. I liked getting to know Marcie and the interaction between Marcie, Nora and Patch but I found Nora's reaction to Patch's new relationship very childish. I mean she snook into Marcie's room and stole a diary! 

I didn't really understand the breakup to be honest but it was what happened after that made me confused. Nora and Patch split up in this book. Fine. she decides to move on to Scott. Fine. Changes her mind. Fine. Decides Scott is a murder. WHAT?!?

I really liked Patch in Hush Hush even if he was a bit of an idiot he was still charming but in Cresendo I just didn't have any kind of feelings towards him at all. I think that annoyed me as much as Nora because I wanted to like him.
I did like Vee and Rixon in this book I enjoyed how their characters developed especially Rixon. Vee was much funnier in this book than the first and I can not understand why she would stand by Nora when every five seconds Nora is either stealing her car or using Vee as a taxi service.

After all of that the ending was really good and so I will be going back for more of the same. 


Thanks for Reading

Em x