Sunday, 29 March 2015

Love Struck by Siobhan Davis Review

Lovestruck (True Calling, #1.5)

Love Struck is a short story from the True Calling Series. It introduces us to Cal who we have not had much of an insight too before. 
The story is set before the Calling takes place and we see one of Cal and Ari's first proper meetings.

It is amusing to see how Cal feels towards Ariana from the beginning because it comes across differently from Ariana's prospective. Cal is not just in love with her but he is obsessed with Ari because she is the only girl that seems to resist his charms. 
We also get to read about Ben!! I loved Ben in the series but the plot here is a normal teenage boy and his best friend which is lovely to read into a little. 

I read this short story after I read Beyond Reach and although it could be read at any point in the series I think personally it worked well for me there. I was not a massive fan of Cal before I suppose I didn't feel connected to him and I couldn't really understand the connection between him and Ari but now I think I do.

This was lovely and fun to read and I was excited to be back in the True Calling world. 

Thanks For Reading

Em x