Monday, 16 March 2015

Matched by Ally Condie Review


First off I want to say that overall I did enjoy this book so if this review comes off negative then that is not intentional and some of the things that are important to me in a book may not be for you so I would always hope somebody would give a book a go and form their own opinions.

The cover to not just this book but the whole series are beautiful and intriguing which if I am honest drew me in to the series. I gave this book a 3 out of 5 on goodreads

With that said lets get on with it. So the distopian world that Cassia lives in is modern and structured and predictable. I found the system could have been taken out of any YA book. The members of society are Matched at the age of 17. They have pill to keep them well or calm them, the food is full of everything that the individual needs to be in optimum health. 

I liked Cassia and Ky i think that they developed well and I would pick up the next book to follow their journey. I wasn't as struck on Xander I thought he was a little dull and should have maybe fought for Cassia a little bit more. Usually I find the female lead annoying but Cassia was just fine, She wasn't always trying to save the world or anything like that.

I don't understand how the society came to be and why some people are allowed to live inside society and some outside. Nothing is really explained about the way society works or why it even needs to be there. Also Cassia mentions that they are monitored constantly, then why are they not watching the hill and the hikers?  I also dont understand why Cassia cant just change her mind and be single and then she can date Ky all she likes?

This was a fairly easy and quick read for me I finished it in two sittings. I was neither captivated or bored, just somewhere in-between and sadly I feel like this sums up the whole book.

Thanks for Reading

Em x