Saturday, 11 April 2015

11 More Questions

1. Do you have any weird bookish habits? If I really like (or dislike) a character I will read the last page of a book before I get to the end. If I am not enjoying a book so much then I tend to skim read dull bits.
2. Can you read in the car? Yes, I love long journeys so I can get through an entire book with no distractions.
3. Do you annotate your books? No 
4. Favourite reading snack? Popcorn, Yum. 
5. What book does everyone else love that you hate? 50 Shades and The fault in our stars 
6. Favourite poet? Shakespeare
7. Do you read much literature written by members of the LGBTQIA+ community/by people of colour? To be perfectly honest I don’t pay much attention to writers’ gender/ethnicity/etc. 
8. The largest amount of money you’ve spent on books in a day? I bought a £90 sociology book but otherwise I try to buy books in £40 bundles.
9. A book you expected to like, but didn’t? The fault in our stars
10. Favourite literary heroine? Ari from True Calling. 
11. Are there any books you’ve avoided reading because they are too long etc.? Lord of the rings

Thanks For Reading
Em x