Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Pure and Deity ny Jennifer L Armentrout


SO I finished Deity yesterday and realised that I had not reviewed Pure. I thought this might be a good chance to review them together and get a decent amount written down without spoiling the series.


In this instalment we see more kick ass Alex, She gets into more trouble but can we expect any different from her? I don't think so. I still really like Alex as a character, she is funny and naughty and we get to see more of that in this book. I still don't really like Seth but I think this is because I prefer Aiden so it isn't really Seth's fault.
I found the connection between Alex and Seth creepy in this book but I guess that was sort of the plan.
I did not like this book as much as book one but it was still an amazing book as far as second books in a series go. I was still hooked enough to continue on with the series.
The Seth and Aiden fights in this book are amusing and I think it adds a little bit of depth to the characters that they hate each other so much.

I would say that this book is a filler book. What I mean is that we don't really move on or get anywhere but we fall in love with the story so much more because we learn a lot more about the characters and the world they live in.

Deity and Elixir

I read Deity and Elixir together as one book and that's how I will review them. They were my favourite in the series so far. Its nice to have a small Novella from Aiden's point of view that continues on the story. That ending was both frustrating and brilliant! How could I not pick up the next book after that?

Its decision time for Alex and she struggles with that but she is also getting beaten up and almost killed left right and centre, poor girl. We get to know Aiden more which is good because he was getting a little dull and I still do not like Seth.

We get to meet some Gods in this book which is exciting. Some are good and some are bad but all are interesting editions to the series.

The plot is captivating and kept me picking up the book to read a page here or a page there.

Thanks For Reading

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