Thursday, 9 July 2015

Falling by Cat Clarke


This book was a really short read at only 72 pages which was exactly what I wanted going into this book. I dont believe I have read anything by Cat Clarke before and I did enjoy her writing style. 

I think the cover to this book is dramatic and intense and it is the main reason I picked this short read over others. I know I know don't judge a book by its cover but we all do it.

I feel that because this book was so short I don't feel like I really connected with the characters as much as I would in a full size book but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy this.
This short story is a page turner. it is obviously a one sitting book. 

I think that this is the first book I have read where the main character was struggling with her sexuality and I though the whole situation was handled beautifully. 

I can't really write a full size review for this bite sized book but I did enjoy the story.

Thanks For Reading 

Em x